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I’m a user experience and SEO professional and like everyone that makes my job, I use Alexa tool everyday to do my job, to find the physiological position of the company that I serve and the competitors that it can have. Is routine and Alexa provides me data that I wouldn’t be able to get in an easier and cheaper way. But today I was looking at the ranking of various backlinks of my client website, and started to consider who were the users providing those data.
I think that for people to know and learn about Alexa, they have to be on the Web Business in a certain level, cause they know about alexa, and they install the toolbar and the tracker that makes Alexa record the navigation of every user, but Alexa for how many users that can count on, it doesn’t record the navigation of the bigger part of the internet population.

I have to look at me, I use the Alexa Toolbar, I’m young, I have a hight level education, I have a web related job and I pass the major part of my day in front of Internet… I have the feeling that this is the picture of the average Alexa user. My mom uses internet to make online shopping, to find informations, but she doesn’t use Alexa and she doesn’t know what it is at all. Now in which category you think you biggest part of customers come from?

If you work for a hi-tech company that provides services and products over internet you can for sure know that your customers comes from the first category, but if your company provides pots where your customers come from, I’m pretty sure from the second category.

I’m writing an article that soon will be available on my web site… before I want (and have) to make further researches…

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Edoardo Piccolotto

Dad, husband, MBA graduate, I work as a Web Marketer on an Ecommerce Company, where I implement strategic decisions by using data and lean-organization methodologies.

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