Creative Commons, Profit and Entertainment…

I was reading my feeds and I have found this wonderful and great project. This is a Digital Short Movie (Pixar Style) realized by a great international team and delivered under Creative Commons License. Here is the movie:

Big Buck Bunny from Blender Foundation on Vimeo.

But there is something more under this movie… there is something called future standards… and open collaboration. There is the will of a team to create something great regardless of the money that thay can get from it. Of course they are getting money, money that they get from the selling of a DVD, but there will be no rights for the future that would allow them to gain more…. and to block the distribution of it.

Regarding distribution Creative Comons is going to deliver new ways, ways that with copyright are impossible to reach and use. For example I had the possibility to embed the movie inside his post without paying anything, without making any copyright infrangement and also helping them show thir products. Can be said without any problem that directly they gain nothing from me, but in the same time I gain nothing from them… my blog is Ad Free and their movie is not going to give big popularity… some could see it as a lose to lose but is a win. They let people share their work and they gain popularity because their job is shared and can reach people that wouldn’t have been able to reach… people can see their job and then support them by buying their DVD and finance their future projects… and people can see the value of them and use them to create new value and share and cite the original developer… and so on in a bigger and perpetue circle… Do what you love and share it…

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