eBay and Web 3.0
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Cause I’m always thinking about internet and communication and of new trends (and having some time cause of the flu approaching), I started to go around on Internet to find out new trends and after making some search on Adobe AIR, I have to say that this technology is a solid base for what I call Web 3.0.

I was playing with the eBay application, and personally I have to say that it is something incredible, they managed to give an all new user experience to the final user, making the fruition of content easier and faster. That is a perfect example of what we all can call web 3.0, why? simple… informations and data that we used to use and access online are becoming more and more accessible by customized softwares…

I traditionally use some social networks and internet tools, but sometimes I forgot about their existence cause sometimes for periods of times I forgot about them, then logging inside the website, wait for the page and structure to be downloaded, syndications, and so on… it’s really time consuming, then the reliability of the data, the CSS visualization and so on… with a software everything is really easier… there is just the need to download the relative data, not the surrounding or structured data.

I’m looking forward for a Facebook application for my desktop, I’m sure it will make me save a lot of time connecting with my friends… That’s my opinion, anyway I suggest to everyone of you to try the application and to post your experiences…

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