Email Design Lookbook 2012
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Email Marketing means delivering pieces of art and custom information, to a specific segment of your customer base. This channel is probably one of the most difficult, that’s because you decide to push a piece of content that represent you and your company, to people that allow you on their privacy.

Sending a DEM or a newsletter in a TQM (total quality management) perspective takes an effort that not everyone is aware of. Here are some sharp points:

  • Useful Content: No-one care about things that doesn’t consider interesting and they are going to evaluate you on what you share. So to keep the interest high, makeĀ niche of your DB and communicate with them on a custom way.
  • Representative: When you push a content, it means that this is the best you can do, so good that you want to share it. So everything you share is a perception of what you consider quality.
  • Beautiful: There is only one possibility, to make a first good impression
  • Safe: There is no relationship if your message don’t get to the inbox. So check your delivery reputation and use a good ESP (Email Service Provider), usually you get what you pay for.
  • One-Shot Optimization: despite a webpage where there is contact traffic, optimizing an email message takes more time and study. That’s because you get feedback (by tracking) only when you do the delivery of the message, results that has to studied and used to shoot an improved message.

Something that can help the marketing professional (and noob), is a document that Responsys released, where they analyzed a total of 20 email marketing messages, providing an insight on what can be done to reach the target. This eBook is a “Pay per Contact“, where you get it if you give them your contact info, making it a great example of content marketing, where you can get a return on free personal contact, free promotion and free backlinks.

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Edoardo Piccolotto

Dad, husband, MBA graduate, I work as a Web Marketer on an Ecommerce Company, where I implement strategic decisions by using data and lean-organization methodologies.

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