eTourCamp… the web 2.0 in Lugano… and a reflection on the Inside…

Today I’m here in Lugano (CH) to attend and speak at the eTourCamp and in simpler words is a small conference about the Web 2.0 related to the Tourism Business. I have to say that I’m not in this type of business but I was there to talking with a great friend of mine about my experience on the backlink analysis.

Today I have met people that has great ideas, starting form the sharing of the vacations memories with others, and also heard pioneering points of views about future development of some WiFi networks, and I have to say that is has been a great and prolific day…

Right now I have to say that the most important lesson that inspired me was one regarding the “Enterprise 2.0” and about the internal communication of the company that can use the web 2.0 to improve itself to help the internal customer… Everyday we give to people ideas and services that can help the commutation of the other people, we serve the external customer (that is the one that brings the money), but lots of time we communication expert lose the focus looking only outside and not inside us… We have to make a new question… “do I communicate well on my own?“… how many times companies lose productive capacities and ideas cause a bad internal communication and information and the streaming of ideas slows down or is interrupted. There are Great and Free services that can be used like Wiki or Blogs to heal this… every communication and every company is different and has different needs… is up to communication experts to heal the problem… Take a look in yourself before expanding…

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Dad, husband, MBA graduate, I work as a Web Marketer on an Ecommerce Company, where I implement strategic decisions by using data and lean-organization methodologies.

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