Hight Quality for Low Price… Tech makes it true…

Has been a while since my last blog post… anyway here I’m again…
Usually is it said that to make a good media product you need a lot of money, cause you have to cover lots of costs, mostly professional/workers related costs… but internet, the development of the technology and also this coming cheap and affordable to anyone puts the media production in a new level… the MakeMyOwnMedia level…
I was looking on internet and at the new podcast that are available and I discovered a new show and I’m crazy about it, the show is WebbAlert…
This show is a news podcast and I think that will be really successful in the future cause puts all the elements that are wanted by the internet user:

  1. Hi Quality – The video/audio quality of the video and its compression is really great and is really beautiful to look at it.
  2. Cool Graphic – The images, the logo and the transitions between the various parts are really well designed and are beautiful to be seen, and the eyes doesn’t get tired during the vision also cause there are not a lot elements present in every single shoot.
  3. Interesting News – Is strange to say but for the people that lives and works for/in/with internet is always a good time to discover new sites and to hear how the internet itself is going and related news. That sounds nerdy but is the true… News about internet are really important… overall in this period where we are building it.
  4. Hot Girl – Morgan Webb is a very beautiful girl, and watching her is quite relaxing… Beautiful Girls rules the internet (look at GeekBrief Tv and RoketBoom) and all he internet mens likes to watch a beautiful girl.
  5. Easy to Listen – The voice, the audio and the news are told so well that the video sometimes is not needed to understand and follow the news, so if you are busy you need only to put in on the background and in the meanwhile surf the internet.

This TV show has been produced without lots of investments or financing, it is homemade, there is the need of a good camera, a computer, a website, an idea ad a little knowledge… they used they own gift and talents and put those previous points together and created a great and successful product… That is the secret of the MakeMyOwnMedia, make something you know how to do it and put particularly cure on what you need, then internet will make everything else… the promotion, the distribution and the feedback… So my advice to everyone… USE YOUR OWN TALENTS AND SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD… and be open… like she did…

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