I use TV to discover useless stuff…

In the title of this post maybe people can think that I’m looking to old
technology, but is completely the opposite 🙂
Today for some reason I was looking at a Tv Show on an American TV channel and they were streaming this video:

and come on my mind how years ago the only video that you could find on internet were coming from TV Sets or Shows, but today more and more everyday the video on Tv comes from Internet and Internet Users are becoming everyday more and more famous, more than pop-stars and politicians. What it can mean? this means that reality is strangest than fiction… and in a world of fiction like TV, now the real reality shows are the people form internet, that are real cause they are not manipulated. Maybe the human being on the video (I haven’t understood if is a he or a she) is an actor (I hope cause of his/her mental health) that has found the new frontier of reality show or simple a teen ager that has nothing to worry about except her Pop Star, I don’t know but the point is not that. The point is that TV is using internet to get material to entertain and this means that internet and television are going to merge together slowly till the born of a real IPTV, a technology that is an hybrid… that would be perfect for the entertainment, free perfect and always new…

Coming back to the main title of this post I have to say that nowadays on Internet we can find useless things, information and videos and there are too much of them, but now Tv sets are using those to make audience and entertain people… and for this reason I can find useless things on internet thk to TV, cause usually I use Internet for entertainment, my entertainment, cause I know what turns me on and I decide what to watch it… thing that TV can’t give me… can’t give me Freedom… and Internet is all about it…

In the next days (when I will have time ;-)) I will post the main ideas that the IpTV should embrace…

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