Internet and Economy… New Signs of Mentality Change…
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I was reading a really good post of a friend of mine (is in Italian and here is an automatic translation) about her experience on Flickr and on how people are sharing really good pictures of events… making sometimes professional photographers out of their jobs… and she was thinking about a win-to-win environment… and that made me think…

In the same moment that Internet was created, something happened, was created a life-style and the idea that “Everything on Internet has to be Free”… and we saw this idea evolve and create new trends and ways to share information and media together. Starting with the file sharing, Napster, Kazaa, DC++, torrents that made digital piracy grow… before that people have been using ftp access to share content… content not always really great and lots of time dangerous for your computer. Then following this idea of Free has been created other project and ideas like Open Source and Creative Commons, in a way to use Internet to make free things, to keep it free… everything has been created because Internet were providing a new way to communicate globally in real time using different ways.

Today we are witnesses of a change… there is still a lot of people that want to keep everything free… like services and news, but there are people that build services that people has to pay to use them… and they are having success and gaining. They looked at what Internet was offering (almost everything and usually in a bad quality) and they decided to charge for the same content but in an high quality, without any tricks or MalWare and also easy to use and to get.

What happens… the idea of “Content on Internet” is evolving… Internet people are not anymore totally against the idea to pay for content over the Internet… they accepted the idea that they can pay for content and to use it as they want… that’s little change of mentality happened because Internet has been opened to the masses… to everyone… to people that wants everything for free over the Internet and to people like my parents that has the idea to pay for what they are using… if they need the service and the service is going to improve something in their lives… and they has no fear to admit that they are willing to pay… something happened also on my mind… more I was growing and more I was working and gaining some money I started to purchase the tools for work and for my entertainment… before I was young and without money and of course I was trying to get everything for free…

So where is the point of this post… Internet economy is changing… for some reasons… that can be social for example like the entering of the Internet by Previous generations… that has the mentality to pay for what they are using… for the fact that Internet users are getting older and gets money to use… and can happen that they have the money to pay for what they were trying to have for free… and also for the fact that on Internet there is lot of “Information Pollution” without any quality… and people doesn’t want to waste effor and their time to find the right info or media… for example I use iTunes store to get all my music because I want my music right at the moment, and of good quality… without spending minutes to find a file that takes ages to download that isn’t what I was looking for and start everything from the beginning…

I have to say that the word FREE on Internet is not going to die or disappear… but the culture is going to change and people are getitng money for their job in a new way… with anew mentality…

For example you can find Hi-Quality pictures on Flickr for free and use them under the permission of the creator… but you can choose to pay a fee to own the copyright of the picture for your commercial use on, and make people gain money instead of popularity… depends on the need that you have… but from what I can see people are willing to pay for a good service and they choose it when they think is the time for it…

Lot can still be written, but I have to say looking at the examples made, in my opinon We are evolving with Internet and Internet is evolving us that’s what I’m seeing but as I can see Inetrnet is so fast that ideas and opinion changes fast, maybe tomorrow will be found something different… anyway will write more soon…

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Dad, husband, MBA graduate, I work as a Web Marketer on an Ecommerce Company, where I implement strategic decisions by using data and lean-organization methodologies.

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  • I completely agree. Free is not the only way to do business as there are many services that, if produced in the right way at the right time, can be valuable enough for people to pay for.

    I can see this when talking, for example, of Enterprise 2.0. Sure there are exceptional Open Source platforms and web services that do a wonderful job in office collaboration and data management, but if you want something suited to your needs and on the edge of innovation, you’ll probably be happy to spend some money on something better.

    As you said, it depends on the situation and on the needs of the customer. The great thing about Internet is that now you can choose between free and premium, while in the pre-Internet era there was only premium (often at a lower quality that nowdays free).

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