Kindle and iPad Compared
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Amazon is really one of the starter (and innovative) companies in the world and this Ad is a clear demonstration of this, in every single way.

In the video above you can find all the values that Amazon wants to associate to its products, mixed together by a masterpiece technique. In detail:

  • Comparison: not only the main features of both products are listed in a simple way, but they also managed to  compare the price in a simple way, not by using the cost but highlighting how many items you can buy for, at the same price of one competitor’s product.
  • Family Values: the main caracther is a mom with two kids, used to showing how she is relaxed to give the kindle fire to their kids. Delivering the message that kids can play “intelligent” videogames like scrabble or see teen movies in full security. The mom has nothing to worry about, Amazon took care of everything!
  • Fun: the irony stands on two levels, personal and technological. You can see it on the technology side because the guy approach the lady to try to win the competition, and on the personal side he is not able to seduce her. The men loses on both ways, he simply can’t stand from the beginning.
  • Colors & Setting: the set is a vacation resort and the colors are truly relaxing. This enhance the transmission of brand values, like safety and relaxation that are explained before.

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