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One of the announcements that I wanna do today is that I would be the Event Guide of the Laneo Camp in Milan (date and place still to define). That’s a great honor for me to participate in this initiative and I hope to manage to create a great and useful event… That would be a great opportunity for everyone of us to meet and connect together talking about environment and sports… and talking on how to improve it.

Why Milan has been chosen between all the various cities and beautiful countryside that Italy can offer to the world? The main reason is because probably is the most connected city in Italy, is easy to reach and is a very your and active city… that are characteristics that Laneo embed in itself. A second reason that can seem strange is that Milan is one of the most polluted cities in the world and in this event we wanna been able to “Discuss possible future clean-up events in the Milan area while bringing together a number of companies from the Outdoor Industry to talk about their environmental engagement and future actions together“… So why not try to talk together and start to put on the table some ideas that can help a better and healthy future in the Milan area for us and for the future generations… and hopefully after the words some action can be done… and actively help Milan and Italy to have an evolution with a look on the environment…

Of course it will be done in the spirit of the BarCamp where everyone would be able to talk and express ideas, projects about Environment, sport and the possibilities that Internet and New technologies can provide to them… More update will follow… I will need all your support and ideas…

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