Larry Ellison Brand Lesson
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Larry Ellison is one of the most important tech entrepreneurs of this century, the founder and creator of Oracle, a philanthropist and a passionate sailor. As you all can see from the image below he just joined Twitter and probably (and hopefully) he will start sharing some of its adventures and ideas.

On the other side, this fact can provide some insights for those who have a digital life and actively strive to reach some results via personal branding activities. In detail:


  • No Description: He simply doesn’t need to be described, what he did and achieved can fully talk for him. He created in years something truly useful that can help business grow in a concrete and solid way. What he did for others is what best can describe him.
  • Following/Followers Ratio: He just opened an account and has more than 15634 followers (including me) and he is following 0 people. The ration is pretty obvious to understand and this means that a lot of people want to learn and get inspired by him (also some of them are just looking for gossips).
  • Verified Account: Owning a verified account is not for everyone, just a small percentage of people has that symbol near its name. This simply mean that he is real, his name is his brand and he preserve it.

Now after those three points, before complaining about your personal brand and on how people are not going to follow you, just answer to those questions:

  1. Have you done something that really matters and that people can refer to you?
  2. Do you have to say something that really matters and that can help people grow?
  3. Is your brand safe? Have you registered to all social media using the same name/nickname?

After that you can start redefining your personal brand and relative strategy and if you are still in doubt read this old post about Personal Branding.

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