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A couple of days ago, Loic LeMeur made a sketch of his social map on Internet, and I have made mine.

As can be seen in the center there is me, and my world is divided in 2 hemispheres, the Private and the Public one.

In the Public one I put the things that I use and to share information with the people that I know and not… as can be seen from the sides of the arrows I use Blog and Twitter to give information and point of views, and I use other methods to acquire information from internet and those are single sided arrows. The thing to notice is that there is something in comon between Sharing and Acquring thtat are the meta search engine that I use to submit contet and also to acquire it.

In the Private one there are the application and methods that I use to share information with people that I know in two directions, those are closed to people that I don’t know or that I’m not in touch with. Those people can be Friends but also co-workers, with which I use also internet based CMS to do some work remotely.

Then at the end there is the Middle Earth, that is something that i share with everyone, but only with people that I know and that i haven’t a strong relation with. Those instruments are not so much used to do some work, those are just instruments where I can put info there about my relations and work experiences, people can see them only if I accept them (ok… not Linked-in).

Sharing is important, but there is the need to consider also where and with who to share. Because I don’t share my mail with everyone, they are private but I share my ideas trough my Blog… everyone has a side that want to be kept private…. and that is a right and need of everyone.

The real social network is not Facebook or MySpace, we are the social network, what is around us, we create the social network by being followed and follow people, creating and maintaining relationships with others.

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Edoardo Piccolotto

Dad, husband, MBA graduate, I work as a Web Marketer on an Ecommerce Company, where I implement strategic decisions by using data and lean-organization methodologies.

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