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I just heard form a friend of mine that happened a really bad and sad airplane crash at the Airport of Madrid. Right after the happening the first images arrived on Internet made by random people that happened to be near the accident and managed to took picture of the event and then send them to the newspaper. This post is not about “Citizen Journalism”, but about something that I have seen on the web page of one of the most important online newspaper in Italy…

Every newspaper needs advertising to survive… for an online newspaper it is mandatory… mostly because it is the only way to get money… so they have also to protect the people that brigs advertising to them because thank to them they can survive… Now look at the following picture…

I have highlighted everything to make it easier to see. The news title reports (underlined in red) that an airplane crashed in Madrid… and than next to it (in the orange box) an advertising about a company that provides low-cost/last-minutes flights and vacations… I have to say that this seems to me not really good for the sponsor company… mostly because the user is reading about a crash and he is sad and probably can feel afraid in Flying… and next to it there is a commercial about a vacation company that provides cheap flight tickets…

What happened is that the Newspaper has an algorithm or some predefined pages where to insert the content, and the algorithm shows commercials, randomly or else… so the computers has no fault, they did what they were supposed to do and build. But for the sponsor company that Ad probably is not in the most profitable place and probably they want to avoid that the mental association of vacation and disaster could match in the same page…

In a paper made newspaper that could have never happened mostly because there is a person that understand where to place the ad, in a way that the ad would be more effective… I don’t want to say anything more about it, you all have understood what I mean… but this is the demonstration that Ad on the Internet can be sometimes bad, and is hard to define rules for the algorithms. A solution would be to exclude some words and sign them as negative in a way to avoid things like that.

Disclaimer – Anyway I hope that this tragedy would be resolved in the better way possible, and I don’t want to make any speculation form this tragedy. This post was made after reading a twitt from my friend Alice.

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