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An Internet Friend of mine EddyPedro, tweeted this morning something that I wasn’t unaware. The movie of George A. Romero “The Night of the Living Dead” is free of copyright. The movie was released in the 1968, 40 years ago… usually the copyright should still be going… but… (after the embedded movie the why 🙂 )

I have found on Wikipedia this news: “Night of the Living Dead lapsed into the public domain because the original theatrical distributor, the Walter Reade Organization, neglected to place a copyright indication on the prints. In 1968, United States copyright law required a proper notice for a work to maintain a copyright. Image Ten displayed such a notice on the title frames of the film beneath the original title, Night of the Flesh Eaters. The distributor removed the statement when it changed the title.

That means that because of a mistake the copyright expired… in my opinion that is a great news… because the copyright is killing creativity and this mistake made possible the free distribution of a movie. This is how the media and the copyright should work. The movie can be downloaded here.

Second lesson learned today is that I’m doing a Thesis on Copyright and I was unaware about this fact, fortunately I have found this news thank to Internet and to the feed that I sue and I subscribe. Thank Eddypedro.

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