What President Obama can Teach us
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I usually don’t write about politics, because I’m convinced that everyone has the right to believe what he feels right and has to be free to follow its dream and objectives. But with this post I just want to underline how President Obama can teach us about the real meaning of leadership.

By looking at the picture above of President Obama (available with other beautiful pictures here) I can feel a sense of true leadership. I’m convinced that a definition of leader is “Walks among us, but its not one of us“, its someone that is able to integrate himself on different social levels and understand approach it in the most constructive way, hearing what people need to say, experiencing their habits and learn from every single interaction.

A leader can be find in every part of your life and not only in politics, but also in business, your company and your home. Having the gift to listen is not something common, because it also brings the will to care about the person you have in front of you, to feel sympatheia, that is what really makes people understand that there is the need to make a change.

People that care and that listen are true leaders, and usually their next step consist in taking action.

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