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I’m in love with a Dolphin
January 9, 2012
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Almost every day I try new apps, and most of them are completely useless, they are just a clone of other apps, bringing no innovation or any new ideas. A couple days ago, I managed to discover via Jason Calacanis, a new new mobile browser called Dolphin and I fell in love with it. This […]
Ping: a Potential Social Game Changer
September 7, 2010
La scorsa settimana con l’uscita del nuovo iTunes 10, Apple ha presentato al mondo Ping, un social network inserito all’interno di iTunes che permette agli utenti di condividere i loro gusti musicali e fasi suggerire dai propri amici nuova musica da comprare. L’idea, sotto un profilo Business รจ ottima. Il sistema ha lo scopo di […]
Opera Mini vs Apple – PR battle on the go!
April 23, 2010
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Apple is one of the top player in IT and in the computer industry, no doubt on that, and since the iPhone has been released, it became one of the leader on the smartphone and mobile phone industry. The iPhone (I’m an owner of one) managed also to create a revolution on the user’s approach […]
What is needed from your company…
April 14, 2008
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I was addressed by a tweet this morning about a blog post that I really enjoyed of a person that I have never heard about, but was a really good and intelligent post, the person is Tony Wright, and the post I’m referring has as title “Does a Business Guy have a Place in Software […]