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12 Things to do after a New Blog Post
July 3, 2012
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I have found this good and simple infographic, explaining what to do after a New Blog Post. This list even if it’s not so deep in details, its a good example on what are some of the basics that some professional forget to do. As its said “Content is King“, so if you produce some […]
How to Share your Blog on Pinterest
February 6, 2012
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Pinterest has been a typical internet overnight sensation, something that has been there for years and that gone viral between internet users. The design is really impressive, intuitive and most of all simple to use, the feeling is like having your own “Fancy” or “Piccsy“. Part of its success, comes from the fact that some […]
The New 2.0 Economy
May 31, 2009
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Internet is something like a loop, sometimes things happens to come back, and to repeat themselves… and in the last days came back the need to find a new way to monetize, get revenue and also to get finally a “Return Of Investment” (called ROI) on products and services that people have created and developed. […]
The Quick Communication Revolution… Twitter.
February 15, 2008
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I’m a Twitter User (you can follow me, my username is epiccolotto) and I think that the creators are not conscious of what they created, they created something bigger than they were expecting… and reading their blog I think so… I have to say that it’s not a lot of time that I use twitter, […]