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The Map is not the Territory
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I love traveling in Milan by using the public transportation, not only because I can get to places in a shorter time, without finding myself on some dead-end streets, but mostly for  the sense of community that I always find. The fact that a lot of people find themselves in the same place traveling and respecting […]
Why SOPA is an International Threat
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The US Congress is going to discuss new bill called “SOPA”. A law proposal that, basically, would permit to entertainment corporations to generate an incredible censorship power over the Internet industry, so to protect their productions against piracy. The proposal is very big and in some parts quite complicated and for this reason attached the […]
Why Sincerity is important in Consulting
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In the last few weeks I started consulting again, and also to think about the real value of education and sincerity. When people ask you for a consultation (or simply an opinion), they expect (and need) you to be sincere, because they need to listen to a different point of view in a way to […]
A Good Employee Marketing
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Spesso mi è capitato di vedere aziende che hanno lo sguardo puntato sul mercato e verso l’esterno, con l’unico scopo di attrarre risorse esterne. Questo è il concetto base di ogni azienda, infatti le campagne marketing vengono studiate per attrarre clienti esterni verso il proprio prodotto/servizio, spendendo quindi tempo, denaro ed attenzione. Se noi però […]
Opera Mini vs Apple – PR battle on the go!
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Apple is one of the top player in IT and in the computer industry, no doubt on that, and since the iPhone has been released, it became one of the leader on the smartphone and mobile phone industry. The iPhone (I’m an owner of one) managed also to create a revolution on the user’s approach […]
Mom! I’m on WebTV!!!
This is not a post regarding WebTv or communication, here is the video of my speech that I had during the Agile Camp almost one month ago at Sketchin in Switzerland. I presented an idea about a new network structure that in theory would be able to reduce the costs of web services.