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Internet is About Sharing with the Heart…
May 12, 2009
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I started to think about what Internet is really about… connecting people. Seems like a slogan from a phone company but is the truth. We have to start thinking that there are no borders, that everyone is equal and that meritocracy is what is needed. Life is about knowing and discovering things, and you can […]
Love & Challenge
January 13, 2009
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In the last period I had the possibility to think about some coincidences that happened in my life and how I had the possibility to look at them and then try to figure out what they were meaning. Love is important and I keep saying that, is something that push us day by day, we […]
The Google Challenge… Mtec Lead the Way…
February 8, 2008
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Google has launched a Challenge… about AdWords… They try to get educational by making people and students using AdWords. I’m a Student (that is seeing the end of the tunnel) and my University participate at this event creating a Team of students from the Master I’m doing. We are a group of Master Students, PhD […]