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Social Ecommerce
Facebook Social Commerce for Birthdays
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Facebook has always tried to understand new ways to generate revenue and increase the interests between business by providing new way to interact with the final user. A lot of effort has been used to pursuing the will to create a Social Commerce (or Facebook Commerce), to enable companies to generate revenue trough social networks […]
New Revenue for Facebook via their “like” based Search Engine
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Today Facebook presented, after a lot of buzz on the internet, as its new feature a “like┬ábased search engine”. Regarding the ranking method there is nothing really new, as we see something similar with the G+ button on Google, but here we have as value the “like” that everyone does on pages or groups. The […]
A Facebook “Like” with an SMS
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Social Networks generated a whole new meaning on promotion. First by making traditional marketing pros realize that customers own a voice, and that are not fearing to tell what they think about you. Second, what’s important is not to gain as much likes as possible, but to get likes from people who care and like […]
Social Networks, When they work…
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A lot has been said about social network… but thinking about this issue I can say that in my opinion the real social network starts offline. On Internet everyone can be anyone, with a little photoshop we can change our shape an image or even upload pictures that are not ours and change name… till […]
Hack-Up… Some events worth to be…
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In the last three month me and some friends of mine decided to create a series of events called Hack-Up. Those series of events has the will and the focus to make something beautiful and useful to others. Those events has been created by the will to make things happen, to create something together, to […]
A Social Time-Machine…
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It’s three days that I try to write a post but I have no inspiration, probably cause I’m still a bit jet-lagged and tired from work. A couple of minutes ago I was logged on my facebook account and I was looking at the pictures that me and my friend took during my last period […]