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Do not go Gentle into that Good Night… and Yourself
August 25, 2015
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Interstellar is a great movie, and its something that you need to watch at least 3 times to capture part of its true meaning. One of the most important scene of the movie, is a short one, and is when Michael Cane reads a passage of the poem from Dylan Thomas “Don’t Go Gentle into that […]
It’s about Trust and Friendship…
December 4, 2008
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Today despite yesterday has been a pretty good day… this morning after I woke up I have found a couple of good emails, one of them from a good friend of mine, Gale that sent me an email to me an other people to tell us that a friend of him finally released a movie […]
Night of the Leaving Copyright…
May 28, 2008
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An Internet Friend of mine EddyPedro, tweeted this morning something that I wasn’t unaware. The movie of George A. Romero “The Night of the Living Dead” is free of copyright. The movie was released in the 1968, 40 years ago… usually the copyright should still be going… but… (after the embedded movie the why 🙂 […]