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What President Obama can Teach us
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I usually don’t write about politics, because I’m convinced that everyone has the right to believe what he feels right and has to be free to follow its dream and objectives. But with this post I just want to underline how President Obama can teach us about the real meaning of leadership. By looking at […]
Obama Campaign: Greatness by Telling Emotional Truth
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Today I run by a piece of the Obama new Presidential Campaign, aim to raise consciousness about one of the many things that President Obama did during his presidential term. His presidential career started with the need to face immense challenges like global warming, financial crisis and the war in Iraq, things that actually were […]
Open Letter to the Next USA President
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Dear Mr.Obama, Dear Mr.McCain, I’m writing this letter to both of you, there are still some days before one of you two is going to be the Next President of the United States of America. I’m not American, I’m a born and raised Italian young man, but I have always loved America and the values […]