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Quality is about Details: Check your Grammar
March 8, 2012
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A lesson that I learnt in my early working years (and that has always been valid) is “Luxury stays in the Details“. For some this quote can seem obvious, but includes a full spectrum of meanings that can be used in every single step of your business or value-creation process, and its the key for […]
Personal Value vs Personal Brand
January 25, 2009
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This post has been inspired by Robert Scoble… as he does lots of times by looking at what he does… this times he added me as a friend of twitter. That inspired me regarding some trends that Internet and Twitter has in the last times, twitter for business, personal branding and so on. But there […]
Mahalo… How Humans works together…
February 7, 2008
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Yesterday Jason Calacanis in this post how Mahalo works. Mahalo is an human powered search engine, and differently from the other search engines there are no algorithms but the human brain. The particularity of this search engine is that they prefer the quality of results then the quantity of results, as Mr.Calacanis explained at LeWeb3 […]