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Ping: a Potential Social Game Changer
September 7, 2010
La scorsa settimana con l’uscita del nuovo iTunes 10, Apple ha presentato al mondo Ping, un social network inserito all’interno di iTunes che permette agli utenti di condividere i loro gusti musicali e fasi suggerire dai propri amici nuova musica da comprare. L’idea, sotto un profilo Business รจ ottima. Il sistema ha lo scopo di […]
It’s about Trust and Friendship…
December 4, 2008
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Today despite yesterday has been a pretty good day… this morning after I woke up I have found a couple of good emails, one of them from a good friend of mine, Gale that sent me an email to me an other people to tell us that a friend of him finally released a movie […]
Ants, Bees and the Long Tail…
November 17, 2008
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First of all I have to make a disclaimer, I have thought about it… but that doesn’t mean that I would be able to explain it is an easy and comprehensive way… so be patient this time. I was watching some TED talks on the train while I was on my way back to my […]
Social Network… Too Many Friends are not Good…
November 6, 2008
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In the last days I have managed to think about some important aspects regarding Social Networking, and the way that they make us connect between each other. There are several of them and make us connect us between each other, and know ore about each other. Finally Internet made true the words “Will stay in […]