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I’m in love with a Dolphin
January 9, 2012
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Almost every day I try new apps, and most of them are completely useless, they are just a clone of other apps, bringing no innovation or any new ideas. A couple days ago, I managed to discover via Jason Calacanis, a new new mobile browser called Dolphin and I fell in love with it. This […]
eBay and Web 3.0
February 1, 2009
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Cause I’m always thinking about internet and communication and of new trends (and having some time cause of the flu approaching), I started to go around on Internet to find out new trends and after making some search on Adobe AIR, I have to say that this technology is a solid base for what I […]
Advertising, Web Design and User Experience…
July 9, 2008
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Here is a Video that is really interesting that can make understand new ways of design and advertising. User Experience driven inside the advertising to create affectionate customers…
Compatibility and User Experience…
May 28, 2008
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On Wikipedia User Experience is defined by those words: “User experience design is a subset of the field of experience design which pertains to the creation of the architecture and interaction models which impact a user’s perception of a device or system. The scope of the field is directed at affecting “all aspects of the […]
Yahoo + Microsoft… together without Usability…
February 5, 2008
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In the last days the web was shocked by the news that Microsoft made an offer to buy Yahoo!. That’s not a news…  there were theories in the past about this possible move, and frankly that move was evident and easy to predict. But the point of everything is thinking if both companies would have […]