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Small Details makes Things Great…
October 9, 2008
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Designing a web site or an application always makes me feel great… doing all the User Experience Work before and the Implementation Part after really generates me and also in my opinion make me feel great and totally creative… and during those years of work and of being an user, I had to possibility to […]
The New Facebook Interface…
July 23, 2008
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This morning I have seen a Twitter of a friend of mine that were saying something about the new interface that Facebook is testing and that can be reached by everyone at this address Here is an image of that (click to enlarge): Here is my personal profile, of course I have blurred for […]
Compatibility and User Experience…
May 28, 2008
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On Wikipedia User Experience is defined by those words: “User experience design is a subset of the field of experience design which pertains to the creation of the architecture and interaction models which impact a user’s perception of a device or system. The scope of the field is directed at affecting “all aspects of the […]