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Edoardo Photography
Slow Motion Video with a #GoPro
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Finally I have been able to purchase a GoPro, so to being able to record some quick HD videos. In this way I can stop using my phone or reflex to capture those moments. Why I choose to #gopro? Simple, as Jeff Besoz said regarding the kindle, if you love doing something, you should have a […]
Delta Airlines shows its hidden part
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As it is said, content is king and for this reason Content Marketing is Vital. This branch of marketing (in my opinion) is often the very starting point of all communication strategies, because you need to create something new and interesting to offer to your followers, in exchange for their attention, and later, loyalty. If […]
Kindle and iPad Compared
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Amazon is really one of the starter (and innovative) companies in the world and this Ad is a clear demonstration of this, in every single way. In the video above you can find all the values that Amazon wants to associate to its products, mixed together by a masterpiece technique. In detail: Comparison: not only the […]
Learning Marketing Using Lego
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Mi ricordo ancora di quando giocavo con le Lego, era una dei miei giorchi preferiti della mia gioventù, poter creare i propri sogni con pochi mattoncini era sempre un’esperienza unica ed inimitabile, esperienza che mi faceva capire i primi limiti dell’architettura ed il concetto che se un sogno è costruito fin dall’inizio in modo magistrale […]
When Spirit become Advertising
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Last May came out on the internet a video that for a couple of days gone viral between internet entrepreneurs, StartUp owners and people involved on business on Internet. This video has been created for commercial purposes from a VoIP company based in USA, but owns some great point that i would discuss further below […]
Good Night and Good Luck… We need a lot…
I have just seen a great movie from George Clooney, “Good Night and Good Luck”, a movie that I warmly suggest to everyone working on internet and that has the deal to news and press. I have embedded this speech in a way to remember that today every internet user is involved in reporting the […]