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When Spirit become Advertising
October 26, 2009
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Last May came out on the internet a video that for a couple of days gone viral between internet entrepreneurs, StartUp owners and people involved on business on Internet. This video has been created for commercial purposes from a VoIP company based in USA, but owns some great point that i would discuss further below […]
This is Viral Genius…
January 19, 2009
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Just tosay I was looking for Viral Videos adn I found out that I managed to miss a great viral one. And then I started to think on what makes viral a video… (Video Below) Simplicity – The idea is simple, linear, not a lot to understand, just someone that dances in various parts of […]
When Traditional Media talks about New Media…
June 10, 2008
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This post comes from something that appeared in the news in Italy a couple of days ago regarding television and Internet. An university in Rome “LUISS – Guido Carli” had the idea to create video curriculum of their students and post them on YouTube (can’t find the real user but here there are all the […]
Viral Video… Tv Strikes back…
April 10, 2008
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This morning I woke up and a friend of mine sent me an email with the link to 2 YouTube videos (embedded below). Looking at them I have to say that again television produced something that had a better and bigger distribution on Internet. No Borders – The television show that produced the video aires […]
Web & Politics… Promote and Forget…
March 31, 2008
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In the last couple of months I have noticed that more and more Internet is used by politicians to promote their parties and their positions as candidates for President, I have to say that I can see it not only in the USA side, where Internet has been used actively by Hilary Clinton and Barack […]