The Next Internet Millionare… is a Start for the IPTV content…

Yesterday I finally found the time to watch a couple of episodes of the podcast/TvShow “The Next Internet Millionare“, and I have to say that is a start about Internet Based Tv Shows.

I have to say frankly that I didn’t like it a lot, cause it was something like a “The Apprentice” cheap clone, the thing that I didn’t liked was the short time for the challenges and also I had the impression that the show was a giant advertising and promotion show… but the good point is that is about internet.

I could keep going on and saying the things that I didn’t understand or liked of that show, but the purpose of this blog is not this, the purpose is to analyze it in the communication and internet side. This show made me think that we are facing the first part of the IPTV process, or as we can say the production of the contents for it, and also the start to understand the possibility that Internet gives us for the distribution of the contents over the internet. Some people can say that this is not a real example of IPTV, but I have to say that this is the first approach for that, cause they created a content by their own and also they managed to distribute it using internet, using a web-page instead of a software like Joost or VuZe. Talking in an aspect of quality, I have to say that some homemade shows are better done regarding the quality of the audio and video, I can mention for example GeekBriefTv and Webb Alert.

Also we can say something about the eLearning side of this of this show… a show is great when you give to the audience something worth to look at… to transmit knowledge or inspire the one are watching it, this is worth for the News Program and for the Soap Opera… in this case the show should give something to the people that use Internet for work… but I have learned nothing really… I didn’t improved my knowledge and my motivation about Internet and the things that goes with it. I’m going to watch all the episodes hopefully to change my mind about it… but for now that’s the way I think about this show…

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