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A couple of day ago I have written about my idea of Followers, and how we learn from them… and a mean that I personally use to follow people is Twitter and, in my opinion, Twitter is one of the best way that people have available to learn from each other.

Before talking about eLearning we have to start thinking about Learning, that is the most important thing in the human history, is how we transmit knowledge from the old to the new and we elaborate this knowledge in a way to create something new… to change and evolve things. We all start learning at School, when we are students and there are teachers that we have to follow to learn notions, starting from the basics ones till the ones things that we want to specialize on. We have to follow (in a certain way we are forced to) some people and we learn from them…

Then comes eLearning that basically takes the learning procedure helping it with electronic and interactive methods and devices. Today we address eLearning with Internet, because Internet embraces the interactivity and the update of informations, having informations always up to date that can be viewed in different ways and with different devices… and more important thing we can share those information with other people that we are connected more or less directly… but we don’t share information, we share their link… Information can expire or become old… links never became old, because the info inside them keep changing, updating themselves.

On internet we are FREE to FOLLOW who we want and who we think is good to be followed and that can give us some better value and informations. On Twitter we follow people and we all broadcast different links that give us informations, it’s a collaborative learning, where we learn from each other… and we keep learning… dozens of links day by day that makes we grow and learn… proposed by people that we think they are smart.
Twitter is the best way to learn about Internet… because there is no single book that can explain Internet but Internet itself and any mean that can make us share links like Twitter is the best tool to share… we evolve as fast as we are able to share… and Twitter makes us share fast and Internet is the best container of Information and knowledge, dynamic and up to date…

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Dad, husband, MBA graduate, I work as a Web Marketer on an Ecommerce Company, where I implement strategic decisions by using data and lean-organization methodologies.

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