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Here is a serious post about Communication, Internet and Technology… It’s a couple of weeks that I don’t write something serious about it, but here is. Last week I started to reorganize my office space in my one-room-apartment, I bought some hardware, moved my furniture and cleaned everything… and also reinstalled the OS on my Mac Mini. During this process I started to think about how sometimes we don’t think about the passive-customization that we create with the use of a space… and how things becomes automatic for us.

To make understand better this idea I wanna make a parallelism with the oldest woman that I have ever met, is My Aunt Rose (Rosetta for the family), she is 106 years old and she still can provide for herself… how she can do it? simple… she customizes her house and her environment in the last 106 years… she slowly managed to customize and optimize what is around her and she know everything that surrounds her…. and the same happens to us with our homes and in this particular case with our e-environment or computers desktops and communication systems.

More we work with the technology that we have access to and more we passively change our behavior and we start to do in automatic things that before we were not considering. For example going on a trip, took a picture with the phone (or iPhone) and post it directly on Flickr, in a way that everyone can access to it… or better when we surf on the internet… I have my FireFox fully customized with add-ons and Bookmarks in a way that it I need to do something I can do it in a “Blink of and Eye”, everything becomes automatic and as the time pass by we become unconscious of this customization… and day by day we keep creating an environment that is customized on our needs and on our-selves making our life easier.

More time we spend working unconsciously we keep improving… subscribing to new web services, giving them feedback… in a way to create an environment that can suit us fully… using various standards to customize ourselves… we not only customize our computer but also ourselves, adapting us (without noticing) to the computer or with the technology that we use and customize. That gives us more possibilities and ways to express ourselves… we manage to follow our inner mind schemes and manage to use them totally by manipulating (customizing) what we use and what is around us… and we feel in some ways unconformable when we use or we have to act in environments that are not ours…

This passive-customization is something we do to get the best from our life/work/creative/information-flow in a way to do more in less time. In this post I have made some examples with internet and technology because is what i do for a living… but we do it in our closet for example by ordering the dresses following our own ideas… we do it in our car when we know how much it can handle the road and calculate the speed to have during a small path (is the car that customize us, because we know its possibilities, possibilities that we gave her with the time)… we do it on our work desk when we order our reports, pens and papers… we keep creating the best scenarios and environments to get the best of us… a place where we are confident… but we create those environments by the possibilities that they can provide to us…

Is a concept that is hard to explain… but is good to consider… with the time we customize ourselves and the environment and the environments changes us… and my Aunt (she is the sister of my grandma and we in the family call her Aunt) did that in her little environment becoming confident… anyway for the people that wanna see my Aunt here is a picture of her and me taken two years ago (she didn’t changed at all), she was born in the 1902 and she become a little smaller over the years but she never been a giant… she lives with my grandma and my uncle Francesco…

So don’t worry more we work on us more we become efficient because we customize our environment in a way to fit us perfectly…

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Dad, husband, MBA graduate, I work as a Web Marketer on an Ecommerce Company, where I implement strategic decisions by using data and lean-organization methodologies.

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