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Today was a really hard day in a really intense period. I have always looked for what I will become and today Jeff Pulver wrote a Post that in his blog that I loved and reminded me a lot of things. I will close this post with a video that would be able to tell what I’m speaking about…

Also in my opinion there is the need to say that some characteristics are of some people, and that not everyone is able to be a good entrepreneur, there is the need of something inside the person, I remember a line of a Movie I loved that convinced me about that… The movie is “The Village”The line says:
…he taught me strength, and showed me love, and told me to lead when others would only follow. Your grandfather, James Walker, died in his sleep. […] You are a strong one, Ivy. You lead when others would only follow. You see light, when there is only darkness. I trust you. I trust you among all others.

Maybe this line is “strong” but in my opinion covers an idea that always has been in my mind… we all follow someone that makes us better and grow, and we all has to respect and help each other… People that have this “strength” inside them know that… there is only the need to make them think on how to unleash this spirit outside them… and Jeff Pulver understands that and wanna help other to find their own strength… Thank Jeff, I really hope to have dinner with you one day…

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  • Jeff Pulver says:

    Thanks for the really kind words.

    And I’m happy to meet for dinner when we share the same geography. 🙂

    Good luck with everything you are working on.

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