When something finish… Internet comes to help…

The 2007 is coming to the end, but for me is not the only thing that is ending… nothing bad, but something that I really enjoyed, University. For the people that doesn’t know this, I’m a Master Student at the University of Lugano, and soon I can say “I was“, because I’m going to finish on-time in a couple of months, I’m happy to have finished my studies, but I’m sad because the master arrived to an end, classes are finished, and I will have not so much possibilities to meet so often my 7 classmates.

Yeah, it is a really small group, but after 1.5 years we became very strong and day after day we enforced our friendship and we helped each other without asking nothing back. In all my college years I have to say that that group is the best one… friendships that will last for a long time.

Here comes Internet to help us… will help to keep our friendship growing. We shared all the pictures and movies that we made together on Internet in protected pages and we created a group on Facebook,
we posted our pictures on Flickr, our videos on Youtube, created gag-reel on JibJab, and we can meet together via Skype. Tomorrow everyone will be somewhere different in the World (Lucern, Copenhagen, Boston, Lugano, Milan), but thank to Internet we will be able to bend space and time, and share our lives with the people that we want, with the people that we knew and grew together.

This post could go on… and analyze relationships on the internet 2.0 more deeply, but this post hasn’t this goal… not today. The only reason of this post is to celebrate the best classmates that I have never had in my school life, their names are: Alessandro, Beatriz, Chiara, Daniele, Elena, Michele, Luca… and now our motto:


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