When Traditional Media talks about New Media…
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This post comes from something that appeared in the news in Italy a couple of days ago regarding television and Internet. An university in Rome “LUISS – Guido Carli” had the idea to create video curriculum of their students and post them on YouTube (can’t find the real user but here there are all the video resumes)… form what I can see those guys are a bunch of superheroes with the common imperfection to be too meticulous in their job… my point is not on the students, and I have to say that this university used the new technologies in a new way creating and sharing using video/media sahring web site resumes…

The point of this post is that during the news in the main Italian television Channel, journalists talked about this initiative… drawing this initiative as some kind of milestone of the use of Internet by Universities… saying that was something revolutionary and else… I had a little incredulous moment by hearing that… doesn’t look at me so revolutionary… universities has resumes of all the students, because they collect them as soon a student graduate… the only difference was that those were Video Resumes… and in my opinion an employee wants to read a text resume to hire a person, videos can be a way to reach people, but for sure not to been hired (except if you are an actor or actress)…

This thing is not so revolutionary for us, internet people, we live on Internet and we know everything that is going on around the net… and something like that seems obvious… but came in my mind a question… who watch news on TV? almost for sure not Internet People, we read the news as they happen on the web/rss and Twitter, video blogs, etc etc… Television is seen by some people that hasn’t a clear image on what is going on on the web… and the purpose of the television is to give news to people that doesn’t know really what is Internet or better what Internet can do…

Television is still important for the Global Communication, but is losing against Internet and the content that it’s able to bring to the user… the real switch will happen with the next generation, that will not know how to use internet because not interactive…

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